Better Messenger Bags and Backpacks for Scooters and Motorcycles
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Messenger Bags & Backpacks
For Scooter, Motorcycle & Moped Riders

Looking for a great way to haul your gear while riding your scooter, motorcycle or moped? Our messenger bags and backpacks are designed and built with the rider in mind. Made by Banjo Brothers (a well-known supplier of bicycle accessories) we have selected products that are perfect for riders of powered two-wheeled conveyances. Comfort, security, water resistance, visibility, ease of use - they are all here! Add to those features the exceptional value of Banjo Brothers products and you get a great solution for riders.

We offer two messenger bags, the large size holds 2,000 cubic inches and the medium holds over 1,000 cubic inches. They have special laptop compartments and many other rider-friendly features.

We also offer two backpacks with the large holding 2,000 cubic inches and the medium holding 1,500 cubic inches. Both backpacks have a waterproof liner. 

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