Better Messenger Bags and Backpacks for Scooters and Motorcycles
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Just Gotta Scoot  - Because even THINKING about scooters brings a smile to your face. Lots of scooter reviews and information about scooters. The Just Gotta Scoot podcasts are also available here.



Harrington Business GroupHarrington Business Group, Inc. - Our "parent" company. HBG is a diversified company with holdings that include manufacturing, sales, real estate, engineering, consulting, research, financial and technical companies.

Banjo BrothersBanjo Brothers
- The makers of our messenger bags and backpacks. Well-known in the pedal bicycle world, Banjo brothers has been designing and producing quality products with outstanding value for several years.



How to Clean Your Motorcycle - This link was sent to me by Rachel Martin. She found while working with some kids on a carwash for school fund-raising. They wanted to know what to do if a motorcycle showed up at the event. It's worth a look.

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